Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yun: "buying conditions remain favorable for long-term home buyers"

Lawrence Yun, NAR senior economist, said some consumers are uncertain.

“Home buyers have been getting mixed signals about the housing market, which is causing some of them to hesitate,” he said.

“Mortgage interest rates have risen recently, and tightening lending standards are continuing to hamper sales, but fewer risky loans will put the market on a healthier path. Although general buying conditions remain favorable for long-term home buyers, it appears some buyers are looking for more signs of stability before they have enough confidence to make an offer.”

According to Yun, and the shills at the NAR, it is always a good time to buy! Buy, Buy, Buy!

1 comment:

Sixpercenter said...

Why get a PhD and then sell used cars?? Wouldn't teaching be better?

Still, why would educated folks taking up positions in NAR mgmt? Wouldn't a firm that actually contributes to society (as opposed to leaching off it) be a better choice?

Do they want their kids to sell themselves out as well? Is there a floor to professional decency?? Perhaps the Lexus means that much after all.