Sunday, November 04, 2007

LawrenceYunWatch Stupid Question of the Day

Should Lawrence Yun and David Lereah be prosecuted for their lies?


Anonymous said...

BOth of them, plus the NAR for promoting their propaganda

DaveO said...

Yes, they should be discredited in the mainstream media. There should be a 60-minutes type of story on them about how they screwed millions of people with their spin and lies, for their own gain. They are both criminals, yet sadly, they will never go to jail.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, folks! Besides being persistently - and some would say deliberately - wrong, what exactly have they done to violate the law? I don't mean to defend these jackasses, but throughout their tenure as paid shills for the NAR, there has been a surplus of data and a surfeit of commentators offering valid counterpoints on the true state of the housing markets. For allegedly rational alleged adults to now blame Lereah and Yun for having "misled" them into taking on costly losses is disingenuous at best (anybody ever heard the term "caveat emptor"? I thought so). Being badly wrong in one's estimates is not necessarily a criminal act.