Monday, June 16, 2008

Daniel Gross Blasts Sunny Yun

Daniel Gross blasts Lawerence 'Sunny' Yun in an article explaining why the US Economy is worse than many think.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, tells NEWSWEEK that "home sales and prices in most of the country will improve during the second half of 2008." (Yun is the Little Orphan Annie of forecasters. He's always sure the sun will come out tomorrow.)

I'm glad Mr. Gross continues to bash this paid spinner who has discredited himself, based on his inane predictions that have proven terribly wrong.


pcso lotto said...

Yutarets! kasagad bah!

DaveO said...

What kills me is that David Lereah has changed his tune over a year ago and would disagree with Yun. How does the NAR live with these two contrasting attitudes between their former head cheerleader and their current one? Cognitive dissonance?

donald said...

yeah yeah, the economy sucks... that's why all the electronic and department stores have no 80 GB Playstation 3s and Metal Gear Solid 4s in stock. When will you bubble heads stop preahing the sky is falling??

Anonymous said...

This guy is a complete moron, HEY lets get the freaking government to bail us out b/c we are not making money hand over fist any more... DOOD just let the market correct itself you dumbass!