Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mr. Yun's September 2005 Prediction is Way Off

Mr. Yun is not an 'outstanding forecaster' his forecasts have been way off the mark. In September 2005 Yun predicted "The chance of a housing price decline in the DC area is close to zero, in my view. I anticipate that prices in DC will outpace the national average price growth. DC prices will rise at close to a 7 to 10 % rate of appreciation. "

As we know prices have declined in the DC area since Yun's wrong prediction. According to the S&P Case Shiller Index, since September 2005 DC area prices have fallen 6.3%.

Do not trust Lawrence 'paid spinner' Yun. The general public and media need to be aware of his spins, predictions that have proven wrong, and his contradictory statements. Mr Yun is a paid shill who has lost his credibility.


Anonymous said...

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Before you get too excited, I got me a PR of 1.

But, seriously, check out this link:

kevin said...

I've had a lot of fun reading this. I guess I was one of the lucky ones and sold all my real estate two years ago... a little early but I thought the sky was about to fall. I used to work in the financial markets and the NAR releases were always good for a laugh because they're bluesky no matter what the climate is.

anti lance said...

Maybe we should chip in and get Yun a new crystal ball to help him make his predictions.

Better yet, lets get him a magic 8 ball since he will be behind the 8 ball for years to come.

AK said...

Lawrence Yun is a idiot.

David said...


Crabman said...

According to Housing Tracker asking prices are down 24% since spring 2006!!!!!!