Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Commentators at Calculated Risk Bash Mr. Yun

Commentators at Calculated Risk Blog Bash Mr. Yun. We need a louder chorus of people to bash Lawrence 'paid spinner' Yun.

As far as NAR goes, the chief Economists forecasts have been way off for such a long time. It makes me wonder if his models incorporate a factor that puts more weight on his association member's best interest, than good economics. To me what comes out of that office as far as forecasts have very little credibility these days. [commentator: canuck]

If I have the NAR and Yun's (il)logic understood correctly, "All real estate is local," except when offering criticism of Case-Shiller. Then, Dr. Shiller is some profit-engineering hack with an agenda, and doesn't take into account broader trends. [commentator: kurtyboy]

Yun's bias of course is given, but this piece is just shocking in how poorly it is argued and written. Chief economist of the NAR! If a 25-year-old MBA investment banking recruit delivered this to his bankers/traders as a summary of differing indices, it would be seen as unacceptably poor work. [commentator: numbacrunch]

The NAR should just hire that Baghdad Bob Iraqi information minister. [commentator: ]

We all know NAR spews lies, propaganda, false housing data, etc. As far as I'm concerned anything NAR has to say is unimportant fictional gibberish and a waste of time reading. It borders on insulting when NAR fairy tails corrupt the pages of Calculated Risk. [commentator: CAT]

Mr Yun, we've put up with your nonsense because every chankered hooker needs to earn a living. But you'll learn to watch your mouth around your betters, or you'll be tasting the back of my hand. [commentator: Markel]
PS: Everyone used to complain about Lereah, but to me Yun seems infinitely less connected to reality. [commentator:
Lawrence Yun is a Shill. His directive is to try to gain some credibiity so people buy houses and realtors make commissions. Anyone who listens to anything he says is a fool. [commentator: Ministry of Truth]

It's really quite amazing to see the lead NAR shill trying to paint Shiller as a shill. Geez, he basically accuses him of being un-American (quote, an approach that flies directly in the face of the American sense of democratic values.) The NAR comedy keeps coming! [commentator:

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