Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is This Guy for Real?

A Powerpoint Slide from a Recent Real Estate Presentation
by Lawrence Yun in June 08

Is this guy for real? Calling a few large cities in the US 'Superstar Cities Defy Gravity' when it comes to housing prices in the next five years. Mr. Yun has lost credibility and is obviously a paid spinning shill. T he Realtors should fire him as he has lost his credibilty.


Anonymous said...

I remember last year when I read Lawrence Yun's comments on the housing fortune. This guy said the housing price will never drop. I laughed and told my husband and he asked who is this stupid guy?

Financial Guru said...

I am a former RE/MAX broker-owner, and NEVER in my time have I seen such a loudmouthed buffoon representing a major trade group. How this guy is still on the NAR payroll amazes me. To some extent, it proves what I knew all along...that most Realtors would say ANYTHING to get someone to buy a piece of real estate and that they NEVER thought that ANYTIME was a bad time to buy.

Remember that idiot that was Saddam Hussein's mouthpiece when we last invaded Iraq that looked like Mr. Magoo? There was a shot of him on television denying that ANY American military personnel had penetrated the Baghdad defensive perimeter and as he was saying that an American tank rolled down the street right behind him! That guy must have been Lawrence Yun's mentor.

Anonymous said...

Lawrence Yun, perhaps you should take some advice from your predecessor, David Lereah (from May 2008):

"We're not at the bottom," he says. "[People] want it to be near the bottom, but we're not there yet. The leading indicators are still very bad. Pending home sales are still in bad shape. Mortgage applications are low ... There's still supply out there in abundance ... This thing is going to get worse before it gets better."

Alan Static said...

With all these banks collapsing around us, it makes me wonder. What's it going to take to bring down Lawrence Yun and the rest of the NAR clowns? Will it ever happen?

Anonymous said...

Larry sure is taking a beating out there. I wonder how hard it is for the guy to get out of bed these days. What's he dreaming about? Does he even dream?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Realtor...our industry is in dire need of an overhaul, and everything NAR is doing is counterproductive. Yun would be laughable if the situation wasn't so dire.