Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yun Takes 'Full Responsibility' For His Actions

Lawrence Yun takes full responsibility for everything he does. The Orange County Register reports:

“Whatever I say, I take full responsibility for everything I do,” Yun said moments before addressing more than 200 people at the Orange County Association of Realtors headquarters in Laguna Hills.

Are you going to take responsibility and resign? You are a discredited shill for the Realtors and have been made many predictions that were way off. For example in July 2008 Yun stated "I think we are very near to the end of the housing downturn," Yun said (AP News).


Anonymous said...

There is $500 billion in Option ARM’s that will be resetting interest rates and/or reached 125% cap on loan to value ratio very soon.

I believe that we will see some severe declines in housing values in next 12 months.

Anonymous said...

Yun and his ilk have very short-term memory and accountability. Whatever they said in the past is irrelevant, in their opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dear David,

I've enjoyed reading your comments. How does this guy (Lawrence Yun) live with himself? What a sham of a man. He's the equivalent to the cigarette industry's hired gun "experts" who provided evidence that smoking was not detrimental to health. Reality: The housing bubble was based on greed from consumers, banks, realtors, and mortgage brokers. The government turned a blind eye. We're (the United State economy) are in much worse shape now thanks to people like Lawrence Yun who blew significant hot air into this busted buble.

-Concerned Citizen

nobody said...

he is lying criminal

Anonymous said...

What does that mean takes full responsibility? It's like a person saying they never lie. Well everyone lies.

What Lawrence Con is saying is such a mind boggling statement you're left stupefied with your mouth open.

F you you con.

Anonymous said...

This is the best blog on the planet. Mr. Yun has zero credibility with me, and that's always been the case.

More posts, please!

Anonymous said...

Today's BS from Mr. Yun, on the announcement that home prices are down another 14% year-over-year (the largest year-over-year decline on record):

"NAR's chief economist, Lawrence Yun, characterized it as a lull before an upturn. "Housing affordability conditions are at record high levels, " he said, "and we expect a measurable increase in home sales during the second half of the year, which would help stabilize prices in most areas." "

Ya. Right.

Anonymous said...

Realthores have absolutely no credibility and should not be trusted on any real estate data.
These uneducated scum slaes people would sell their mother at the peak if given the chance.
It amazes me how they continue to stretch the truth and try to tell me it is a great time to buy at somwe of these fantasy asking prices. i have saved 15% off peak prices and expect another `15% since my area has been one of the last to get hit.
F""" realthores

Crystal L. Cox said...

Yahoo.. great BLOG.. Good STUFF.. would love to see more from you..

Anonymous said...

hey yun is at it again. Now he and his miscreants reps are crying that appraisals are to low. These people are the biggest parasites on the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

"Orlando said...

I believe that we will see some severe declines in housing values in next 12 months."

Its interesting to see how much sentiment can change very quickly. This was uttered right at the peak of bearishness.

The idea that we would have "severe declines" in the "next 12 months" now looks like pure fantasy.