Thursday, June 14, 2007

From the Creators of DavidLereahWatch & HousingPANIC: You asked for it, you got it, it's LawrenceYunWatch!

He made us do it folks... He made us do it..

David (from bubblemeter and davidlereahwatch) and I are going to stay on top of Yun (TCLY), who is now the NAR's trained poodle, picking up right where TCDL left off.

Someone had to do it...

This tidbit is what should prove to everyone that the NAR is completely discredited, they're run by monkeys, and Lawrence Yun has sold his soul to the devil for a tiny bag of gold.

Lawrence - it's not too late. Resign, stop your evil deeds, repent, come clean, and move away from the Dark Side. People are laughing at you!

We continue to experience a temporary distortion in comparing median existing-home prices,” Yun said. “Because the sales volume has shifted from many high-cost areas to moderately priced markets, we’re not getting a true apples-to-apples comparison. When you look at other measures, such as this week’s price index from Freddie Mac which is based on repeat sales, overall home prices are rising slowly.”

Buyers today need to have a traditional view that housing as a long-term investment is an added benefit to their shelter expense. If so, that investment generally will build a nice nest egg over time, especially if they use a traditional mortgage instrument that reduces debt,” Yun said.


mort said...

Good idea Keith, David. Good luck with the blog. This will really get interesting fast, they will be spinning like a whirling dervish soon, because this crash is heading for a whole new level. You guys are like a couple of pit bulls.

repo4sale said...

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if Yun has a book in the works yet?

Great job. Look forward to reading future posts.

Anonymous said...

Just added to my favorite's list! Thanks and keep up the good work. I look forward to comparing his ever changing ramblings.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight, you know the one...for truth and clarity. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Please don't continue to fuel the fallacy. In my area, mediocre housing costs $8000 a month for something which barely rents for $2400 a month. To state that prices will go up to $10,000 a month or that rent will normalize to $4000 a month is ludicrous.

People acted irresponsibly and have to pay the piper for it. Residential Real Estate was no longer viewed as an "investment" (which it shouldn't be, it should be a place to live), but as a way to get rich quick (i.e. speculation). The only correct thing to happen at this point is to allow it correct back to being "a place to live", otherwise there will be no future for the American Dream.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Yun is paid to mislead and provide false hopes to naive Americans to keep buying homes so that all those fat and lazy realtors could be gainfully employed. Truth is, the housing market is so over, and the real collapse will imminently happen in December 2007, with no recover in sight for a decade or so. Housing prices will have to come down 50% to 75% to realistic levels. Americans don't make that kind of money to live in a $600,000 home!