Friday, June 15, 2007

OK folks, time for a little street theatre. We're gonna send ramen noodles to Lawrence Yun at the NAR

You know the little guys are hurting - with home sales cratering, and realtors (and the NAR) completely discredited and disintermediated, it's time for... The HousingPANIC "Realtors are People Too" Top Ramen Drive

Here's all you have to do:

Pick up a few packages of ramen at your local store, and send 'em off to:

Lawrence Yun
National Association of Realtors
430 N Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

Include a note "Keep up the great work Lawrence! Your lies and spin make us laugh every day! Love, your friends at HousingPANIC". Or just do your own thing. He'll get the point.

Post here if you've sent a package off, and I hope he finds a fair way to distribute the goodies to the 1.2 million hungry little guys. At least they'll get something for their NAR dues.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lawrence you are under the microscope.

The days of endless drabble with no counter are over.

buzz kill said...

Keith & David, I stole this link from over at Boring Ben's (god I hate giving that wipe a hat tip) but you simply must read what this douche (Yun) told them:

He's down on the mat, he's bloody, the fans are booing. But can the Tampa Bay area housing market rise from the arena as the Comeback Kid?

"You can bet the house on it", said Lawrence Yun, senior economist at the National Association of Realtors...

"Five years from now you will be very happy you're in this business and located in Tampa," Yun said over a brown-bag lunch to about 75 real estate agents.

In Yun's view, rising incomes and declining home prices ought to have stimulated sales this year were it not for housing bubble scares in the media.

You will notice that was a brown bag lunch. Bwahaha!!

Anonymous said...

"You will notice that was a brown bag lunch"

Featuring ramen noodle sandwiches.

Perfect Storm said...

Lawrence Yun is now the king realtorwhore, will have fun picking apart his bullshxx comments for yeas to come. Yun you are paid schill, if you had any since of dignity you would quit and get a real job, but you won't because you are a realtorwhore.