Sunday, June 17, 2007

Needed Lawrence Yun Article on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is lacking an article about Lawrence Yun. An article would be be useful in many ways, as it will inform people of who Lawrence Yun is, it will have a section with criticism of Mr. Yun, and will provide a link to the Lawrence Yun Watch.

Anybody want to create a Lawrence Yun article on Wikipedia? Are you itching to put up the criticisms section of the article?


Dr Housing Bubble said...

Time for more doublespeak! I was starting to miss the void Lereah had left us. Glad we have someone to take up the slack.


Dr. Housing Bubble

buzz saw said...

george said...

i thought wikipedia was sort of an encyclopedia. i have heard that it's liberally slanted, but when did it become a place for ripping on people?